The Sensations of a Full Body Massage

A Much Needed Me Time

Stress had taken over me. How I yearned to relax and pamper myself. Keeping myself busy made me forget about my own needs. I knew all too well how important it is to tend to my own needs. Caring for myself now will allow me to help others. There’s no need to go on with stress. It is important that I take the time to heal and recalibrate and a massage would work wonders. Yes, I will book a massage for my well-being.

The Masseuse

There I was waiting for the masseuse. Just waiting for the masseuse, Carlos to be ready. Carlos was a young, tall, thin, well-built, muscular Costa Rican male. Carlos’ hair was black and long-pulled back in a ponytail. He had the most beautiful green eyes which glowed when his full-juicy lips curled into a smile. Carlos’ skin was so tanned that it shimmered like gold. He wore white sweatpants and a tank top that contoured his well-built six-pack abs and muscles. And his low, sexy voice just made it all too perfect.

As he approached me, I noticed his strong, enormous hands. His fingernails were short and well-groomed, yet very masculine. I sensed his eagerness to begin the session as he handed me a clear, tall glass of sparkling wine. I, too, was eager to begin. The wine was crisp and cold against my lips as I sipped it little by little. Its sweet, delicate taste kept me wanting more. I loved it.

Just the Perfect Place

The dim room atmosphere completed the scene. There was soft music that filled my ears, the room glowed with the flickering of the candles, and the aroma of the scented candles filled the air. It was the perfect stress-free environment. The massage table was covered in a soft, clean white linen that felt satiny. I was feeling it and the wine was just the touch to make me feel at ease—no worries at all.

Enjoyment and Relaxation

Carlos signaled for me to lie down. I felt blissful. Carlos’s body emanated a sweet intoxicating fragrance. It, too, made me feel relaxed. He drizzled the warm oil over my skin. I moaned softly as his fingers penetrated my skin. His soft, long fingers massaged my neck intensely. He followed a circular motion throughout my shoulders and upper back. His fingers felt like a caress on my body. Slowly, he continued to my lower back. Gentle circular strokes caressed every inch of my back and arms.

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I moaned with delight as he reached my thighs and legs. I felt the warmth and scent of the lubricating oil on my skin. His circular strokes were tender—yet strong enough to feel the power of the effect. I did not want it to end. The massage was invigorating and perfect. He continued towards my calves, ankles, and feet. His fingers caressed every toe in the right way. With circular strokes, he reached the heel of my feet. Such a good feeling. Every inch of my body tingled with his touch. I was in pure ecstasy and nearly falling asleep.

A Warning Would Have Helped

Out of nowhere, I felt it. It was feathery-like, yet strong enough to jolt me up from my blissful state. The feeling of Carlos’ fingers massaging the arch of my feet as if he was tickling me. I could not contain myself. My peace and joy were disturbed with laughter at the spa. Had I let Carlos know my feet were very sensitive and ticklish, he would have not gone that far. Had he not touched my feet, I would have enjoyed it longer.