Our Dog Understands Everything We Say and Here Is How I Know

He listens to our conversations!

Our most handsome Chewy — photo by the author

A Little about Chewy

We have a dog. He is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, a Chiweenie they call them. His name is Chewy, and he is 9 years old. He was the runt of the pack and has been with us since he was 5-weeks old. For us, he is family, and we treat him like so. Chewy is a smart little guy, and he understands what we talk about. It happened on more than one occasion and here is my proof.

What Not to Say at Home

At least once a week, my family and I enjoy an ice cream treat from the Twistee Treat nearby. Chewy enjoys it, too. Every time we take him along with us, he gets a free pup cup. Unfortunately, we cannot say the name at home because he whines loudly for us to take him. The prohibited words are ice cream, helado, mantecado (we’re bilingual so he understands both English and Spanish), that cold thing, the frozen thing — he associates these words with the delicious sweet treat from Twisty Treat. Therefore, when we consider having ice cream, we dance around the words with either spelling or other related things if we don’t want him to ride along. Of course, we always bring him a pup cup, anyway.

He Is a Nosy Little Guy Too

One night, my son and I wandered outside to take Chewy to do his business before heading to bed. It was a beautiful, clear, starry night with a full moon. So bright and energetic that it caught our attention as soon as we stepped outside. My son and I commented on how beautiful the sky seemed — the glowing stars twinkling and the full moon so bright. We had spent a good 5 minutes out there, so I figured Chewy had completed his business. I searched for him in the yard but did not see him. He was standing next to me, staring at the sky, too.

I thought it was funny that he was staring at the sky and said to him,

“Hey, why are you listening to our conversation?” I said once I got his attention. “Do your business since that is what you came out here to do.”

He then walked towards the grass and did his business.

My son and I stared at each other while laughing. It was as if he really understood what we were talking about.

A Deep Conversation with Chewy

There was another incident that had me questioning myself. Chewy sleeps in our room but in his crate. I tuck him in every night. Believe it or not, he wants his covers over his entire body. Therefore, he will sit in his crate until we come to tuck him in. We never close it, and he sleeps well until about 4 or 5 a.m. when he jumps onto our bed. He snuggles between my husband and me. One night, my husband shifted from his back to his side and Chewy began growling. The shifting around in bed disturbed Chewy’s sleep, and he did not like that. We called him out on it, and he calmed down. But the next night it got worse. His growling was louder and aimed at both my husband and me. After calming him down, we went back to sleep.

The next morning, while I dressed my bed, I had a little chat with Chewy. He was sitting on the floor and stared at me as I said to him. “Good morning Chewy. We need to talk about your behavior these past two nights.”

Yes Mom, I understand — photo by the author

Pointing towards my bed, I said, “This is Dad’s and mom’s bed. This is not your bed.”

Pointing towards his crate, I continued, “That is your bed. The next time you come to my bed and begin growling, I will pick you up and lock you in your bed. So, if you want to continue sleeping with mom and dad, you must be on your best behavior. No growling. Understood?”

Of course, he did not respond and just stared at me with those beautiful puppy eyes. That night before tucking him into bed (his crate). I said to him, “Remember this morning’s conversation? If you jump on my bed and growl at us when we move, I will grab you and bring you back to your crate and lock it.” I said my goodnight, gave him a kiss and tucked him in.

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That night, I heard him, as usual, shake off the covers. Then he jumped on our bed and accommodated himself. When my husband shifted around in bed, I waited for Chewy’s growling, but he did not growl.

“Hm, maybe he didn’t feel it,” I thought, so I shifted around and heard nothing. Not a peep came from Chewy. I placed my hand on him to make sure he was okay. He raised his head but did not make a sound.

It has been about three weeks since this incident. So far, my conversation with Chewy worked, because he has not growled at us in bed ever since. And that, my friends, is why I believe dogs understand our conversations.

Experiencing the Unknown as an Immigrant Within U.S. Territory: Forced Out of Our Country to Save Our Lives

Cover of Book – photo by the author

The Push I Needed

I began writing a series on immigration almost two years ago. The book was about three-fourths completed and even though I knew how it would continue to unfold; I slacked on finishing it. But after an encouraging message this past week from a dear friend of mine, I opened the file where I had left off and completed it. I’m not sure if it will be a hit or not. I am happy with the results but was nervous about publishing.

My Book is Out!

It’s finally out. The first series of my new book, Experiencing the Unknown as an Immigrant within the United States Territory: Forced Out of Our Country to Save Our Lives, is out and I am super excited about it! It’s based on a true story with minor tweaks here and there, like name changes and a few others, to protect the family’s privacy. If you’re interested, you can find it on Amazon. For now, it is only available in the Kindle version but the paperback will be out soon.

What is the Story About?

 Immigration is a hot topic in the United States. While some fight for the rights of North Americans, others advocate for human rights regardless of where you are from. Everyone knows how it should be or has an opinion to give. But no one really knows what goes on during the process. This story is the first issue of a series on immigration. What made the immigrants run away from their country? The process they went through when arriving in North America. Their daily struggles before becoming an American citizen. I based this series on true stories expressed by current immigrants living in the United States.

Here’s an excerpt from the Book

Carmen had a good life in Colombia. She was a widow raising four children on her own after a serious illness took her husband’s life. After her husband’s death, she overcame the tragic event of his death and, with determination, lifted her family. Carmen had a house, job, health, and a loving family. But another family tragedy put their lives in danger. She never thought they would take her away from the only life she had known to save her and her children from the guerilla. Now Carmen must fend for herself and her children in the United States with the uncertainty of ever going back to her native country of Colombia.

Thank You!

Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy it.

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