My Morning Commute

During my morning commute to work, I leave my windows down – not because I want to but because my a/c broke so I don’t have a choice. I don’t mind though. I learned to take in nature and enjoy it. The smell of morning dew, the aroma of freshly mowed grass (until I approach the maintenance guy with the mower spewing the smell of gasoline), the cricket’s screech through the dense grassy areas, the bird’s early morning song and the fresh breeze that hits my face while driving on Hwy 27. I just love nature!

Every time I stopped to wait for the light to turn green, I glanced around from car to car to observe humankind. I saw a young lady putting on her lipstick, a well-suited man sipping his coffee, a couple eating their breakfast, a man that was yawning, about 6 or 7 people on their cell phones, a woman who appeared to be arguing on the phone. I wonder what upset her so badly that made her face beet red – or is she naturally a beet-red skinned person? And then there’s the “texter” texting away at the stop lights while the impatient driver behind her honks his horn 1/8 of a second after the light turns green. It’s like if he already had his hand on the horn ready to blast it. Heck, I think he honked even before the light turned green, not at me but at the “texter.”

Ah, but my favorite character is the one I saw through my rear view mirror, the young man in the green Honda erratically driving, cutting in front of everyone from one lane to the other and blasting his music. I wondered what his rush was? His desperation didn’t do much because somehow I caught up with him at the light and I didn’t even go the speed limit! I guess he likes to be the first at the stop light. The light turned green, and he accelerated just to be standing at the next light for a more extended period of time than the rest of us. Does he not realize that? Lucky him that the police officer that we passed was too busy giving out a ticket to another desperate driver.

So, I drove on observing humankind and their acts while still catching a glimpse of the erratic Honda lunatic swerving left and right, speeding through traffic blasting his music. I finally reached my left turn. Just 5 more minutes and three more stop lights and I would arrive. That was a nice drive. Then I realize that the lunatic in the green Honda has turned down his music, was in front of me, and was turning onto the Big Lots parking lot. What do you know, I didn’t even have to speed, and we arrived at His destiny at the same time. Lol! Sending lots of love, light, and peace to you my dear lunatic. Maybe we’ll meet again tomorrow.

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