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Are You Ready For The Virtual Reality Experience?

What’s New?

There’s a new trend in town which engages all ages. It’s the virtual reality (VR) interactive games. Of course, I had to try it and see what all the buzz was about. And I must say, it is the best gaming experience I’ve ever had.

Out of This World

I chose TheBlu which is an underwater experience where I interacted with marine life while standing on a shipwreck. The experience of having a beluga whale facing me eye to eye was surreal. My mind took me to the relaxing depths of the sea where I enjoyed the plethora of marine life swimming all around me. It was an awesome experience.

TheBlu Experience

Pain Management

I read recently that the VR is being used as an alternative to opioids. The Oregon Burn Center began using VR units as a sort of pain treatment when caring for the burn wounds of the patient. In turn, they were able to reduce the opioid dosage. For more information read Virtual Reality Pain Treatment. According to the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, VR also proved to be successful for phlebotomists when drawing blood, particularly from children. Its immersive and engaging nature maintained the patient in a relaxed state allowing for a successful blood draw.

VRtuality Orlando is Here!

Does that mean that the bounce houses are history? It could be. The VR interactive games are gaining popularity, not only among children and teens but among adults – even elders are drawn to it! Don’t take my word for it. Go ahead, give it a try. Contact VRtuality Orlando and book them for your next activity. Or follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on their next venue presentation.