From Chicago to Germany

Our flight from Orlando to Chicago was a smooth one. There was very little turbulence even though it was raining and snowing in Chicago. I am grateful for such a good flight and landing. What great pilots and flight attendants.

We had a light lunch while we waited to board our connecting Lufthansa flight with destination to Frankfurt, Germany. I enjoyed watching society and their tactics – the mom watching her toddler running around and being mischievous, the elderly couple eating their lunch, the young man sprawled on a couple of seats taking a nap, the gentleman using his laptop to communicate with his family, the young couple cuddling  each other, the German speaking agent getting ready to call boarding – yes, everyone had their own agenda. Yet we all had something in common, we were all traveling to the same destination.

It was time to board the aircraft. There didn’t seem to be so many people at gate C16 to board but the aircraft was full. Where did they all come from? I had no clue. After we boarded the plane we taxied for a while on the tarmac. It seemed like forever, but it was less than an hour. We finally took off. It wasn’t too bad despite the rain and snow.

Once in the air I decided to watch a movie. Mind you, I don’t really watch TV and am quite picky with movies. I played four movies and stopped them about a quarter of the way. They were not interesting enough for me to continue watching. Between snacks and lunch/dinner, I did see one that was a bit funny with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn called Snatched.

After the movie, I thought I’d try to sleep a bit. But it’s hard to do if you’re not sleepy so that’s when I decided to continue writing about my trip. Most everyone was watching a movie or sleeping. The aircraft had turned down the lights, probably to entice the passengers to get a shut-eye. I was not sleepy so here I continued typing away for a while. I guess I’ll stop here and pick-up on our next flight from Germany to Italy.

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. ~Dennis P. Kimbro

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